Deleted Audio Submissions

2009-04-11 03:55:09 by animedude101

So yeah I deleted the "Zelda" music so I can start making my own and post 'em...

Oh no!

2008-06-23 01:28:51 by animedude101

I shared songs but at the same time. I sto;e them! AHHHH!
go to Zelda Universe to download those songs I shared " stolen" so I don't hafta get reviews like " YOU STOLE THIS BIG TIME> YOUR IN TROUBLE! "

The lucky day.

2007-09-24 19:46:09 by animedude101

Yo click on what I just type.

My videos I uploaded are there.

Click this yellow writing.

And click here too..

A new audio has been updated so fast

2007-09-24 19:31:29 by animedude101

Holy shoot a audio I just posted had been approved right away.Is it just cause I uploaded it 5 times but I already uploaded 2?

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